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    "Our ability to capture and communicate the same systems and same designs in the comfort of our own office with a software that does it well and accurately has been an incredible return on our investment." 

    Cat Gower

    Lead Technical Illustrator  
    Beacon Athletics

    Beacon Athletics — Knocking their Product Documentation Out of the Park 

    About Beacon Athletics

    Beacon Athletics is "The Ultimate Ballfield Resource," offering an extensive line of sports field maintenance equipment, tips, guides and groundskeeper resources for over 40 years. 

    Leading through innovation, Beacon has developed a variety of state-of-the-art products that have pushed the industry forward. From their Streamliner line chalker series to their Tuff1 Batting Cage systems, Beacon Athletics has been helping field managers take their game to the next level. 

    "Here at Beacon Athletics one of our initiatives is to improve inbound marketing and we felt like (SOLIDWORKS) Composer would be a very helpful way to do that by providing technical details and design-oriented images to our customers to help communicate the main key features of our products," said Cat Gower, Lead Technical Illustrator at Beacon Athletics

    Through their partnership with Alignex, Beacon Athletics was able to further extend their use of SOLIDWORKS Composer, creating their BOMs as well as producing more informative and easy-to-access product assembly guides for their customers. 

    "When we reached out to Alignex originally and we were interested in investing in Composer, our main goal was to provide catalog ready images for our marketing team. The more we had a conversation with Alignex, we realized it would be a perfect tool for our online customers to access things like exploded parts lists, bills of material and even product installation and walk-through assemblies," said Gower. 


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