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Altair Compose

Altair Compose (formerly solidThinking Compose) is an environment for doing calculations, manipulating and visualizing data (including from CAE simulations or test results), programming and debugging scripts useful for repeated computations and process automation.

Altair Compose allows users to perform a wide variety of math & linear algebra (including matrix analysis and differential equations), filter signals, fit polynomials through data, approximate or check results from commercial simulation software, perform optimization.

Key Benefits of Altair Compose Include

Numerical Computing

Hundreds of powerful math operations and built-in functions – for calculations ranging from ultra simple to super complex.

Process Automation & Scripting

Especially handy when doing often-repeated calculations or streamlining common processes. Also includes a useful debugging ability.


A single product with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). No separate toolboxes and extra costs required.

Plotting & Visualization

Useful 2D and 3D plots provide richer insight from your calculations & data.

Multi-language Math Environment

Based on the Open Matrix Language (OML), is also compatible with Octave and Python.

Built-in CAE Data Readers

Makes it extremely simple (and fast) to import, visualize, and manipulate input & output data for CAE tools such as FEA, CFD, etc.

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