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From engineering design to manufacturing production, we have the software, services and experience to radically improve the way you design, develop and manage your product life cycle.

We offer solutions that cover all aspects of your product development process with a seamless, integrated workflow—design, sustainable design, verification, communication and data management. Designers and engineers can span disciplines with ease, shortening the design cycle, increasing productivity and delivering innovative products to market faster.



Enable your team to quickly transform new ideas into great products. Create parts, assemblies and 2D drawings quickly and easily with this powerful 3D design solution.


Data Management

Find and re-purpose CAD files, parts, and drawings. Collaborate and automate workflows. Ensure everyone has the right version.

Manufacturing Solutions


Tried and true manufacturing solutions to help you optimize and fine tune your operations, including CAM, Tool & Die, and nesting.


Design Automation

Save time by producing variations on a standard design automatically. Design automation is ideal for companies that design many products that are different, but similar.


Plant Design

 P&ID, 3D piping and isometrics for 3D mechanical structuring and piping design.



Subject your designs to real-world conditions to raise the quality of your products while you reduce your costs for live prototypes and testing.



Single-line and multi-line schematics integrate with SOLIDWORKS 3D models and PCBWorks to get PCBs done quickly and easily.

Technical Communications

Effectively communicate complex product details by leveraging existing 3D CAD data across your organization to create polished content and animations.

Concept Design

Concept Design

Easily develop, review and select mechanical and stylized concepts before committing to detailed design and manufacturing.


Alignex Solutions

Close the gap between a product's core functionality and your requirements with AlignexT and AligneXpress.

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